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Standing behind the pledge

Date Published: 16/09/2009

OrganicUK is an extremely important initiative to bring this country’s organic sector businesses together to properly communicate what organic stands for.

We've pledged - will you?
We've pledged - will you?

OF&G has been firmly behind the project from very early days, to the point where we were the first certifier to commit financially to the project.

Now we’re encouraging every organic-related business to get onboard and put their weight behind this crucial move to inform shoppers why they should buy organic.

We’ve very proud to be a backer, so today we’ve added the badge prominently on our website as a reminder to all to take a look and think carefully about what they can afford to put in.

If you haven’t already, please do take a look at the OrganicUK website. If we can pull off a great campaign, everyone will benefit.