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Ships pulled by the wind – great idea!

Date Published: 18/12/2007

Funny how things come full circle. The use of wind power for ships could be making a comeback if the maiden voyage of a new cargo vessel goes well.

Harnessing wind power at sea again
Harnessing wind power at sea again

The Beluga Skysails is setting off across the Atlantic with a giant high-tech kite attached. The theory, which seems eminently sound, is that the kite can be deployed to harness the stable winds high up and pull the ship along – saving on the amount of power needed by the engines and therefore cutting emissions.

The kite is computer controlled and can run on rails around the ship to ensure optimum use of the wind.

You can’t help but feel that this has a lot in common with organic farming; using what we’ve got in nature for everyone’s benefit while cutting back on the artificial and harmful. Fingers crossed for a successful voyage and wide deployment of the Skysail…

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