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Reports of organic milk downturn

Date Published: 02/04/2009

The Grocer has carried a piece outlining concerns that Omsco has about organic milk supply. You can read it here.

If this is a trend and not a blip, it’s such a shame to see this happening to the hard working organic dairy farmers. They, more than others it seems, suffer from a see-saw effect on prices.

Numbers of organic dairy farmers have held quite steady for some time, especially since quite a few left the fold about three years ago, but there are, as Omsco’s Richard Hampton points out, not many new entrants in the pipeline.

Good to see that Yeo Valley remains positive, based on the comments of its marketing director in The Grocer’s piece.

What we do know, from a number of existing licensees, is that those who are doing organic dairy well, using their heads and learning from each other, can make it pay better than non-organic. We’ve referenced this before, but licensee George Perrott did a great job of spelling it all out in this Farmers Weekly piece.

Milk production needs stability, so let’s hope the market doesn’t shift too far in these financially troubled times.