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Reading list: 25 November 09

Date Published: 25/11/2009

There are a couple of genuinely interesting articles that have caught our eyes in the last few days, which we’ll share below. Plus, one with some encouraging market data:

  • Author and PR pro, Antonia Chitty, highlights on her Family Friendly Working blog some research done by OF&G licensees, Essential Trading. It has done a cost comparison on its products compared to similar ones bought from a supermarket. Apart from equitable pricing, Essential points out the depth of benefit to be found in its Fairtrade and organic ranges. Eye-opening stuff.
  • The Global Post takes a close look at India’s “Organic Tea King”, Swaraj Kumar “Rajah” Banerjee, on how he led the way on the conversion of the Darjeeling tea plantations, the benefits this has brought to his land and workers and what he plans to do next.
  • We know there are lies, damn lies and statistics, but all data is useful intelligence in one way or another. That’s why it’s worth casting your eye over this piece that indicates a continuing “boom” for organic produce around the world.
  • In a slightly intriguing (perhaps due to its vagueness!) report, The Jakarta Post, tells us that groups on Bali have declared their home an “organic island”. Apparently they are backed by officials, though the gist of the story seems to be that it’s more an aspiration than new legislation. Still, it’s a very positive move that could lead to great benefits if it truly is made reality.