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Reading list: 20 January 10

Date Published: 20/01/2010

After the jumper madness (<shameless plug alert>which you could still win, by the way), back to the business of keeping tabs on the world of organic.

Without further ado, here are some of the stories that have grabbed our attention today:

  • Are apple trees responding defensively to pesticides? Natural Products reports on research suggesting organic food may have lower allergen levels…
  • Bleak news from Sheepdrove, but we’re not sure it can be extrapolated across the organic sector. This piece from the FT is worth reading, if a little unfocused.
  • Stats suggest organic food sales in Germany have stagnated, but weren’t actually as hard hit, percentage-wise, as non-organic. Some comparison possibly to what happened here, when retailers anticipated a drop, cut back on organic lines, then had to re-stock as consumer demand remained. Over to