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Public backing to put organic farmer’s film on the big screen

Date Published: 12/06/2013

Today we learn that a film centred around the work of organic farmer Steve Hook is heading for the silver screen, thanks to a successful crowd-funding effort.

The Moo Man has been received with high acclaim at film festivals, but needed a serious injection of cash to get a wider release.

Having put itself out there seeking funding through the Kickstarter website, the producers have today hit (and surpassed) their target of £20,000. Read all about it in this Farmers Weekly piece.

The fundraising doesn’t stop there though, because the more they can get their hands on, the more publicity the film will receive and, therefore, the more people will see it. In fact, since this morning the incoming support has jumped, perhaps on the back of the publicity around hitting the target. At the time of writing it stands at more than £27,000.

If you want to add your own backing, you can do so here.