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Proposed GM trial presents new risk to people and wildlife

Date Published: 29/03/2018

OF&G is among 26 organisations which have lodged a formal objection to the latest proposed open-air GM field trial by Rothamsted Research. 

We support research and development in general, however crops that are genetically modified carry serious implications for the environment and for growers.

The objection identifies a significant amount of information that is missing from Rothamsted Research’s application to growing GM camelina – also known as a false flax – including technical details of the genetic modifications themselves.

The application also lacks any assessment of the potential impact on farms already growing non-GM camelina in the UK.

Key points in the objection describe this in detail, including risk of outcrossing via seed and/or pollen dispersal and cross-hybridization.

In addition the GM plants will produce omega-3 ‘fish oils’, which were shown in a recent study to cause serious harm to butterflies. 

The full objection is available here

The objection is briefly described in a press release here