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Promoting the benefits – Arla dairy UK Organic

Date Published: 12/07/2017

Arla organic milk

We are very pleased to see the UK organic dairy sector is still growing and we welcome the recent Arla announcement to highlight the credentials of its organic offering.

Tomas Pietrangeli, Managing Director of Arla Foods UK said: “We believe there is significant headroom to grow the organic milk category and make organic milk more accessible to our consumers. Our new advertising campaign, emphasizing the free range claim, will help people to further understand the benefits of organic, encouraging them to trade up from standard fresh milk to organic.”

Unlike most food assurance schemes, organic food production is subject to statutory control. Once a producer or processor decides to become involved in organic food production and processing, they become subject to an EU Regulation, which has been incorporated into the laws of the United Kingdom.

Organic cattle must have access to the outdoors (weather permitting). Routine use of antibiotics is not allowed and no GM inputs are allowed in the organic system.

Organic is the only system of farming in the UK which must meet legal requirements to use the name. Anyone calling their product organic must be inspected and certified by a body like OF&G.

All of this goes to ensure the integrity of the organic supply chain. So together with the annual audits of farms and dairies and the popularity of organic among a growing audience of shoppers, the Organic Trade Board cite a growing audience of those under the age of thirty-five, we believe UK organic has a very bright future.

Sales check –

Organic milk listing is at a lower price in the multiple retailers that range both organic and ‘free range’.

Organic milk sales have grown by 4% this year and 1 in 4 households now buy organic in the UK.