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Playing the name game for new environmental land management scheme

Date Published: 27/01/2014

Defra, Natural England and the Forestry Commission are, in their words, currently “designing” a new environmental land management scheme.

Part of this process is to come up with a name for said scheme (though we can’t help thinking that the name is probably one of the less important parts of the process) and the options they have come up with have been opened up for a vote. For the sake of a minute or two of reading and deciding, you can have your input into that by following this link:

You might be particularly keen to do this if the proliferation of silly or awkward acronyms for various organisations and initiatives gets you hot under the collar. Now is your chance to make sure this one has a shortened version that rolls off the tongue…

There’s even a box for comments on the page, so if you feel particularly strongly about any element of the overall process, this might be a good chance to say so.