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Planning underway for NOCC16

Date Published: 01/10/2015

On 7 July 2016 we will be taking to the rolling Cambridgeshire countryside on the Wimpole Hall estate, where farm manager Richard Morris will host National Organic Combinable Crops 2016.

This week OF&G Business Development Manager and event director Steven Jacobs met with Richard to discuss elements of the event programme, along with Nick Fradgley of the Organic Research Centre (ORC), Roger Wyartt of Organic Seed Producers (OSP) and Andy Forbes of Brockwell Bake.

We already have a great plan underway with the help of the ORC and Tom Wood, from grain merchant Robin Appel, for a range of cereals and other organic crops. And we’re in discussion with the John Innes Centre and with Walnes Seeds regarding alternative varieties. We’re also enlisting the assistance of OSP and Andy Forbes, who is a specialist in the development of heritage cereals and is a very experienced sourdough baker.

For 2016 we will be doing away with small plot variety trials and going instead for closer to field-scale demonstrations. The aim is to enable the host farm to manage the varieties along with all their other crops. This will give us the chance to see how the different varieties cope that season under normal farm management conditions.

Plans so far include heritage wheats, modern wheats, spelts, oats, pulses, green manures, bi-cropping, proteins and a range of organic techniques including seed rates, variety selection, rotational planning and cultural, mechanical and preventative weed control.

Booking for National Organic Combinable Crops will open in early 2016. Full details are available from the OF&G office.

Trade enquiries for involvement in this annual event should contact Steven Jacobs on 01939 292009 or email