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Pig and poultry feed changes

Date Published: 22/12/2009

Poultry and pig producers should be aware of an important change in feed regulations from the start of the New Year.

As of January 1, 2010, the percentage of non-organic feed allowed in pig and poultry rations reduces from 10 per cent to 5 per cent of the agricultural ingredients, calculated on a dry matter basis.

All producers must ensure that from this date they are feeding at least 95 per cent organic.

Stephen Clarkson, OF&Gs’ Certification Manager, explained: “This latest reduction is part of the drive to continually improve the organic standards in line with the organic ethos and consumer expectations. It is an important step and takes the pig and poultry sectors closer to the existing position for ruminants, which are already at 100 per cent organic/in-conversion feed.”

The final step to 100 per cent organic/in-conversion rations for pigs and poultry will come at the beginning of 2012 and producers should bear this in mind as they plan for future feeding.

While the rules are fairly straightforward, please do not hesitate to contact your certification officer directly if you have any questions.