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Our compostable carriers take to the skies (in a good way)

Date Published: 19/02/2014

We like our corn starch-based compostable carrier bags, with the big bold OF&G logo on them. It’s good that they can be easily recycled, but is there something more you can do with them? It’s question we’ve never often asked ourselves in the office.

Well, now we have an answer. If you have one that has come to the end of its useful life* as an actual bag and you’re in need of a way to amuse the kids in half term, you’re going to love our guide to making an OF&G parachute for a LEGO character!

This comes to you courtesy of the very crafty Ruth Lamb, of our processor certification team, who can guarantee the child appeal of this project, having completed it with her own son.

So, here, with full instructions and pictures, is Ruth’s guide to the OF&G parachute**:

List of materials
1 x damaged, lovingly used OF&G corn starch bag
1 x paperclip
4 x pieces of thread
A pair of scissors
A sewing needle
1 x rubber band
Blob of Blue Tac or Plasticine

What you'll need to make the Organic Farmers & Growers parachute
What you’ll need to make the Organic Farmers & Growers parachute

1. Cut a circle out of the OF&G corn starch bag (we cut ours to approx. 18cm diameter).

2. Add tape in four equally-spaced distances on the top side and bottom side of the circle (eight pieces total). This will prevent the bag from ripping when threading through the cotton.

OF&G branding front and centre, obviously
Branding front and centre, obviously!

3. Double thread the needle and tie a knot at the end. Insert the needle through the tape using the Plasticine/Blue Tac. Bring the needle all the way down until the knot catches. Tie the end with the needle onto the paper clip. Trim the ends. Repeat this to the four taped points. Try not to twist the thread when tying the knot.

Push the needle through the reinforced patches
Be careful with this bit (you’re not working with baler twine here!)

4. To keep the thread in one place and to prevent tangling – wrap some tape around all of the threads to keep them together, just above the paperclip.

Tape wrapped around the threads, just above the paperclip
Yes, but can you do it as neatly as Ruth?

5. Wrap the rubber band around your figure (we used a little LEGO man), to use as a harness. (We put our rubber band under the arms, then using the bottom part pulled it under the top part of the rubber band and over the head).

How to attach the elastic band to your character
Good, clear instructions, but the picture really helps with this bit.

6. Attach the parachute to the rubber band on the figure.

And it all comes together!
And it all comes together!

7. Ta dah!! Drop the little parachute man from lots of high places.

Behold the OF&G parachute in action!
Behold the OF&G parachute in action!

* Other types of carrier bag are available…
** Please DO try this at home