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Our Certification Officers are twitching

Date Published: 21/01/2009

I’ve just seen an impressive list of all the birds identified by our producer certification team from their office window.

The Organic Farmers & Growers bird feederWe have a bird table in one corner of the yard and our quiet rural location lends itself well to feathered visitors.

What I find particularly impressive is the varied range of birds they’ve managed to identify. Personally I’m okay if it has a red chest or is large and black all over. Or if it’s a pigeon. Other than that the best description you’re going to get out of me, if pushed, is “bird” (oh no, hang on, I can spot a seagull too!).

It probably shouldn’t be surprising, given the authentic farming and outdoors credentials of our producer cert. team, that they have this talent.

Apparently the whole operation is quite professional – there are binoculars ready on the desk and everything! That said, I’ve had vociferous denials today that anyone there should actually be labelled a ‘twitcher’. The point being that they don’t travel around the country looking for specific birds which, it seems, is the definition of twitching…

I’ll get hold of the list and publish it soon, if anyone’s interested.