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OrganicUK initiative appoints agency

Date Published: 22/10/2009

This morning brings the news that an advertising agency has been selected by the OrganicUK steering group.

OrganicUK is a project backed by businesses from across the organic sector with the aim of attracting pound-for-pound match funding from the EU to run a campaign that promotes organic food and farming to the public at large.

It’s an ambitious but necessary move for a sector of the food industry that is suffering from having too many messages communicated in too many ways; almost an embarrassment of riches when it comes to positive messages. These need to be refined and presented by experts in order to achieve maximum understanding among our audience.

Today it has been announced that Haygarth, an integrated advertising agency, has been appointed to carry out the campaign, which will initially use digital, press and PR activity, moving into full advertising if and when the bid is successful.

More than £201,000 has been pledged so far for the campaign, which will run over three years. There is a target of £250,000 still to be reached. That we have got this close is a credit to the sector, but as every organic farmer and food producer will benefit from the work, it would be fantastic to reach the target and give the bid the best chance of success. We’ve pledged. Will you?