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Organic Policy in the UK – post-Brexit options

Date Published: 20/06/2017

With big changes ahead in the UK, there is an opportunity for more supportive policies for organic food and farming. This goes far beyond direct government financial support; there is now an opportunity for a refocused perspective on the potential that organic production methods offer to both government, conservation and farming organisations in the UK.
OF&G recognise that organic farming and food production must sit within a broader agricultural policy framework and would suggest policies that support around 10% of UK agricultural land in organic production. This would allow the public benefits that organic systems offer to be more widely felt and contribute to a general shift towards more agro-ecological approaches to both production and, of huge importance, consumption as well. It would also allow, through the benefit of scale, the organic sector the opportunity to address many of supply chain dysfunctions it currently faces. Read ourĀ Organic Policy Discussion Paper on the current position of organic production and the possible future direction of the sector.