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Organic milk positives crop up again…

Date Published: 17/09/2009

It has been a short number of years now since the first evidence appeared linking organic milk to measurable health benefits. Bits and pieces of studies have continued to trickle out since then, all pointing to positives.

Today we’ve come across a piece in Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper that, in essence, suggests more of the same – continued pointers to benefits. We couldn’t find the original science, or even an abstract for the study in question (I confess it wasn’t an exhaustive search, mind you!) but who are we to doubt the venerable Daily Record?

Anyway, the piece is worth a read and you can make up your own mind. It also references the Quality Low Input Food study, carried out at Newcastle University (and across Europe) under the guidance of Prof. Carlo Leifert, and which has presented some interim findings before the full publication, which is expected next year.

Incidentally, Prof. Leifert will be discussing this at our Selling Organics: What’s the Story? conference in London, on October 8. Get in quick if you’d like to be there.