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Organic farming offers the benefits Defra are looking for

Date Published: 04/01/2018

Farm minister, Michael Gove is correct when he says that we need to ensure sustainable food production not just for today or tomorrow but for many future generations.

Mr Gove was speaking at the Oxford Farming Conference and the Oxford Real Farming Conferences both held in the city this week.

He went on to say we can no longer strip our natural assets as we have done in the past. He said that 2008 was wake up call for a rethink of strategies for debt fuelled growth. Instead we must look for growth fuelled by innovation and creativity. We must recognise natural resources which are finite and need protection.

The Secretary of State concluded that he thought that this is not a zero sum game. He said we cannot continue to rely on the next generation to sort out the environmental debt we have left behind.

OF&G chief exec., Roger Kerr said,
“Organic addresses the many challenges Michael Gove identified in Oxford today.
We can look at the protection of natural capital, the innovative thinking of organic food producers and the success of organic retail.
OF&G are asking for formal recognition of the simultaneous benefits that organic uniquely demonstrates”.


OF&G have produced a policy document on public goods. For more see here –

An organic systems approach to the provision of public goods