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Organic farmer is the fungi to be with

Date Published: 15/09/2010

Sorry about that headline. I couldn’t help it. And there wasn’t mushroom for anything longer.

Okay, okay. Sorry. Again.

Anyway, the drivel above is all inspired by some positive sounding research reported by The Telegraph which says that organic farming methods are better for the growth of fungi in the soil which, in turn, is great for plant growth.

Take a look for yourself here.

Apparently it’s a study of just nine farms and you could say is only a smallish contribution to the body of evidence about the benefits of organic methods. But every accumulated piece of research is helpful to our understanding and assists in explaining to a wider audience why organic makes sense for the long-term health of our soil.

(Also interesting to see the piece at the end mentioning the growth in compost use – something else we take a close interest in…)