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Organic cocoa project revitalises communities

Date Published: 14/01/2009

Found this article about how the organic trade has returned a livelihood to farmers and their communities in São Tome and Principe. Having previously given up on cocoa production, they now have a guaranteed market for producing it to certified organic standards.

It’s obviously very positive, but it does highlight that something in this world is topsy turvy when the natural virtue of farming without chemicals has to be actively identified as a selling point, rather than being seen as the normal order of things.

In a way it puts in the spotlight the efforts that the organic community the world over has to put in to explain why people should buy organically produced food. Perhaps it could be summed up as “it’s how nature works, stupid”. If we could all go from that starting point we could move away from all the clever branding and educating that has to be done to sell organics and let consumers start from the question: “Why would I buy something that hasn’t been produced organically?”

Or am I thinking too hard this afternoon? Or not hard enough..?