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Organic cereals on the agenda

Date Published: 08/07/2009

It’s that time of year again. Tomorrow is our second annual arable event, National Organic Cereals 2009.

Last year's arable event, in Shrewsbury
Last year's arable event, in Shrewsbury

Last year was a runaway success and I can exclusively report that this year is…… heading the same way! As well as an array of very knowledgeable and topical speakers we’re looking forward to an important announcement from one of our sponsors. So watch this space.

You never know when you go for it again whether you’ll get the same result, but we are once again oversubscribed and looking forward to a very useful and informative day. The weather report doesn’t look too bad either!

Of course things always move on and this year we’re aiming to keep up a stream of snippets from the day using good old Twitter (follow @ofgorganic) to post updates, comments and even pictures – mobile signals permitting. If you’re into Twitter you’ll probably know what I mean when I say that we’ll try and tag our tweets with #noc09. For everyone else, that means you can search on that term in Twitter and should find all the tweets that contain it, thereby giving you a dedicated stream of updates.

Even if the mobile coverage lets us down, we’ll have plenty of info to follow-up for those who weren’t there, with pictures, video and a round-up of the day as soon as we can get it all online.

If you’re coming along, we look forward to seeing you there.