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Open Farm Sunday – help and advice

Date Published: 19/02/2009

Are you taking part in Open Farm Sunday, or have you been thinking about it? It’s understandable that some Open Farm Sunday - pic courtesy of www.farmsunday.orgwould be concerned about the implications or logistics of taking part, but it’s a valuable activity for our industry. It’s also a particularly good way for consumers to be educated on how an organic farm works, should they choose to visit one.

Now there’s a great chance to allay any fears and learn about the necessary steps to get involved, via farmer events organised by LEAF. These farm walks will give farmers the chance to meet up and share their knowledge on how to put on an open farm event. Farmers Weekly has dates and venues here.

We would encourage everyone to consider what they have to offer to this fine initiative, whether organic or not.

UPDATE: My colleague Steven has just reminded me that it was, in fact, an OF&G licensee, Ian Pigott, who started the Open Farm Sunday initiative – all the more reason to support it! You can catch up with Ian on his regular podcasts.

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