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OF&G welcomes Michael Gove to Defra role

Date Published: 20/06/2017

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Commenting on the appointment of Michael Gove as Defra secretary, OF&G Chief Executive Roger Kerr said:

“OF&G is pleased to welcome Michael Gove to Defra, and we look forward to working with him and his team to help drive the UK’s thriving organic food and farming sector.

“Mr Gove brings a large amount of experience to the brief, as well as a reputation for driving change and challenging the status quo.

“Those qualities should come in useful for both organic and non-organic food producers alike, particularly as we enter a critical period for the agricultural industry.

“As shopper demand for organic food continues to increase and grower confidence in the sector continues to strengthen, we will be urging Mr Gove to recognise how organic production benefits the UK.

“Organic production systems are unique in answering so many of the challenges facing the farming industry and we plan to show Mr Gove that food doesn’t have to be high-cost in order to maintain high environmental levels.

“With Brexit negotiations now underway, this government has a critical role in shaping the country’s food production systems and environment for decades to come.

“We are committed to ensuring Mr Gove and his Defra team has the information, support and guidance required from industry to ensure UK farming is prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead.”