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OF&G stamps out its carbon footprint

Date Published: 12/10/2006

One of the UK’s leading organic bodies has moved to cut its environmental impact by offsetting the carbon it produces.

Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G) calculated its yearly emissions of carbon through travel and other causes in order neutralise them.

This is done by making a payment to counterbalance, or offset, the impact made by the business on the environment.

OF&G, which inspects and licenses UK organic food and farming, hopes the move will set an example to other businesses to take steps to become carbon neutral.

Richard Jacobs, Organic Farmers & Growers’ Chief Executive, said: “As a business working in the organic sector it would be easy for us to think that we’re doing our bit. But because OF&G is an office-based enterprise it’s still adding to the release of carbon into atmosphere simply by heating itself, using electricity and having staff travelling by whatever means.

“We do appreciate the need to reduce unnecessary travel, but where it is essential we are doing what we can to negate our impact.

“Offsetting your carbon is not a complicated thing to do and compared to many business costs is not expensive – but it is the right thing to do.”

OF&Gs’ calculations have resulted in a payment equivalent to the costs of offsetting 13.34 tonnes of carbon for the previous year.

This has been done with the carbon offsetting organisation, Climate Care, which invests the money in projects that promote green energy, cutting carbon emissions around the world.