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OF&G raises concerns regarding possible EU exit

Date Published: 11/04/2016

OF&G have stated that Britain’s organic food producers and processors could face risks in the event of the UK leaving the European Union without some solid assurances of continued support from Defra.
Being part of the EU gives organic businesses direct access to the world’s second largest organic market, worth in excess of €26bn.
In the event of an exit UK organic businesses may face the imposition of trade tariffs and  sterling may lose value making some raw materials and ingredients more expensive to import
We are, also, concerned that leaving the EU would mean that the UK could no longer influence the on-going development of EU regulations while UK businesses will have to continue to abide by them if they wish to access European markets
Ahead of the referendum, OF&G have said it is critically important that Defra give a clear statement that leaving the EU would not impact on the UK’s organic food and farming sectors.
Over 50% of shoppers buy organic products each year in a market worth £2billion in this country. This is an important market to retailers and consumers and it is important that Defra remains committed to organic production and to helping organic businesses thrive were British voters to decide to leave the EU.
We would certainly welcome some sober-minded approaches and clarification about what the future of British organic food and farming would be both inside and outside the EU.