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OF&G pulls out of 2008 Royal Show

Date Published: 27/09/2007

Organic Farmers & Growers has taken the decision not to attend the Royal Show in 2008.

After much deliberation, the management and board felt that the show was no longer, and had not been for some time, of benefit to the company.

Chief Executive, Richard Jacobs, explained: “We go to many shows and events throughout the year which our team really enjoy and which put us face-to-face with our licensees, potential licensees and our peers in the organic sector.

“Unfortunately we have felt for some time now that the Royal Show wasn’t delivering this experience. 2007 was our most disappointing attendance at Stoneleigh, while the rest of the show season during the year was judged a great success – regardless of the weather!

“On this basis we have decided not to expend valuable resources, particularly in terms of the time of our experienced staff, by committing to the Royal in 2008. That’s not to say we wouldn’t reconsider in future, but there would need to be a compelling change in the profile of the show’s visitors.”

A list of events which OF&G will be attending will be published on the company website as they are finalised.