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OF&G initiative offers support to Wales’ growing organic sector

Date Published: 03/03/2015

Organic producers in Wales are being given an extra boost to help develop the country’s growing organic sector thanks to a new initiative from certification body OF&G.

OF&G Cymru will offer exclusive support to OF&G’s farmer members in Wales thanks to a team of dedicated staff who will help producers in the region.

The team will include Welsh-speaking inspectors and Certification Officers.

Officially launching on 2 April, OF&G Cymru will also provide members with application forms – including conversion plans – written in both English and Welsh.

Justin Scale, managing director of Capestone Organic Poultry in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, says having a dedicated team to focus on the needs of OF&G members in Wales will give support to a growing sector.

Mr Scale, who joined OF&G on its board of directors in February having been an OF&G member since he converted in 1999, produces 25,000 table birds a week and 40,000 turkeys each year, as well as rearing 900 ewes and 400 head of beef cattle.

“The organic sector in Wales is incredibly buoyant, and having OF&G Cymru there to offer a bilingual service will be a big help to many as they look to convert or grow their businesses,” he says.

“Farm businesses in Wales are hugely different to those in the rest of the UK: a Welsh sheep farm is so far removed from a vegetable farm in the Lincolnshire Fens that it’s almost a different language.

“Having OF&G staff who are based in Wales and understand the problems that are unique to our landscape and our market is very important.”