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OF&G chief exec in Radio 4 debate

Date Published: 14/10/2008

The Chief Executive of Organic Farmers & Growers, Richard Jacobs, can be heard on this week’s Radio 4 Food Programme in debate with the Soil Association’s Patrick Holden.

In a refreshing departure from recent somewhat hysterical reporting on the state of the organic market in various publications, the Food Programme took a realistic look at pressures and realities facing the sector.

Martin Humphrey, director of Humphrey Feeds, was heard explaining the issues around obtaining organic ingredients for his products.

Following this was a studio debate with Richard and Patrick, in which Richard injected a large dose of common sense regarding the current state of the industry and the continuing support of shoppers.

You can hear the programme online (until Sunday 19th October) via the BBC iPlayer. Click here to open the iPlayer in a new window. It’s well worth a listen.