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OF&G boss in BBC Radio 4 Royal show programme

Date Published: 06/04/2009

A few weeks ago our Chief Executive, Richard Jacobs, was interviewed for an upcoming programme on the demise of the once great Royal Show.

We’d been approached because we publicly said in 2007 that we were opting out of attending the Royal for the forseeable future, simply because it had increasingly become less and less relevant to the farming community. Not a decision we took lightly, but as with all businesses, you have to put your resources where they will be best used. For us, that was at other agricultural shows which had kept farming at their hearts, like the excellent Royal Welsh Show, or the Royal Highland.

Now that RASEĀ  has announced that the 2009 Royal Show will be the last, that programme, The Royal Show in Crisis, has been aired on Radio 4. Follow that link to hear it on the BBC iPlayer for the next six days.

The whole thing is well worth a listen because it sums up the ways in which the show lost its way, using the voices of those who cared about it. It’s also an insight into the dedicated team behind the show and the pain of such a tough decision as that taken to drop England’s premier show from the calendar.

Richard’s contribution is in there at about 13m 25s.