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Obama’s contribution to organic

Date Published: 05/11/2008

OK – so it’s Obama. Congrats to him. Well done. But what has he ever done for the organic cause?

Here at OF&G we launched an exhaustive investigation. Without going into too much detail, this entailed consulting the first few pages of Google with the query “Obama + organic“…

And the results are interesting. It seems Sen. Obama has actually made quite a contribution to organics. Some would say a “stellar” contribution. For if the first two pages of Google are to be believed, he is singlehandedly sending the sale of organic cotton t-shirts into the stratosphere!

That’s right. Of about the first 200 results returned by that search it would be no exaggeration to say that at least 90% of them (we would have counted but this investigation is not that exhaustive) were links to sites selling the “Obama organic cotton tee”. One has to hope the industry has been able to keep up with demand. You can’t just turn organic production on like a tap, you know.

Fortunately there are also a couple more contributions the President Elect has made to our cause: he drinks bottled organic tea it seems (apparently the cause of an attack by his opponent at one point, would you believe?), his wife has waxed lyrical about going organic in the GoBama household and – here’s the clincher as far as we’re concerned – there is a 56-strong movement of Organic Farmers for Obama.

Any allegations that this piece is merely a tongue-in-cheek attempt to cash in on ‘Bama-mania will be thoroughly investigated with a guarantee that the results will be published by 2018 (the year, not twenty past eight) at the earliest.