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Now “that jumper” could be yours

Date Published: 14/01/2010

Our now almost legendary jumper was spawned from a pattern found in a drawer at the Farmers Weekly offices. They were probably all the rage about 20 years ago.

The pattern ended up with us because our Certification Manager tells awful jokes and Community Editor at FW, Isabel Davies, took pity on him, told him he was ‘funny’ and sent him a ‘prize’.

Now, we’re all very fond of the jumper. It’s been something of a talking point, even outside the OF&G offices. Steve, as far as we can tell, appreciates the craftsmanship, but probably wouldn’t choose to sport a tractor-themed sweater on a daily basis. So on the strength of that we thought it could be put to better use.

We’re going to give everyone the chance to get their hands on our jumper and make a bit of money for a deserving charity in the process.

A page now exists here on for you to make a donation to the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution. Anyone who makes a donation of one pound upwards will earn themselves an entry into a draw we’ll do at the end of February.

As a bonus though, you’ll get an extra ticket for every £5 barrier you break in pledges. So, give a fiver and we’ll enter you twice. Make it a tenner and we’ll give you three chances, and so on.

Click here to donate and earn your chance to win the jumper…

[If you donate, please, please, please note the instructions on the page about leaving an email address and unticking the Gift Aid box!]

The jumper is made from sumptuous organically certified wool, with its pedigree in the hills of Wales. Find out more at Ystrad Traditional Organics. It really is very nice stuff.

Bearing in mind that OF&G bought the wool and Katie has given her own time in knitting the jumper, we thought it would not be unreasonable to set a fundraising target of £50. But we’re pretty sure with everyone’s support we can better than.

Remember, you can’t find these things in the shops and apparently tractor patterns are like gold dust these days (just ask all the people who keep emailing us requesting copies!). And in a minute I’ll tell the boss that we’re throwing in an OF&G mug and pen to go with it. Surely that seals the deal?

Size-wise, the jumper comes in  just shy of a 44″ chest (or a snug 44″, depending on how you like to wear your jumpers!).

And with that, it’s over to you. It’s easy to pledge and the RABI will benefit from every pound. Please spread the word too. The more entries we get, the better.

This is the prize. Just look at that marvelous detailing!
This is the prize. Just look at that marvelous detailing!


One more time – here’s the link to make your donation.

And here’s Steve modeling for us:


The Farmers Weekly tractor knitting pattern jumper, as modeled by Steve.
The Farmers Weekly tractor knitting pattern jumper, as modeled by Steve.