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Now for the pumpkin challenge

Date Published: 28/10/2009

Always game for a laugh, a bunch of OF&G staffers have now accepted the challenge to create the best pumpkin carving as a way to bring fulfilment to their lives following the end of the sunflower competition!

Thanks to suggestions from our followers on Twitter, the new wheeze was soon whipped up and a supply of pumpkins obtained for those wishing to chance their artistic arm for widespread admiration or ridicule…

[Note: the pumpkins are, sadly, not organic. We couldn’t find any. Do they exist?]

No sooner was the orange payload dropped in the office than ever-keen Certification Officer, Roy Lawford, was hard at work scooping out the innards and getting to work on his design.

So, we proudly bring you the first entrant in the OF&G Pumpkin Caper:

A fine first entry to our competition by CO, Roy Lawford
A fine first entry to our competition by CO, Roy Lawford

I think you’d have to agree Roy has set the standard there. The plant/hair is kind of incidental, but this pic became a must following a suggestion from Twitter friend Claire McClellan who saw the first, less strategically positioned, photo and pointed out our obvious neglect! Thanks, Claire.

The others who are taking part have until Friday to get carving and then we’ll see about getting a line-up photo of them, suitably illuminated.