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N&OPE 2010 – our report

Date Published: 23/04/2010

Our team once again set up our stand at this year’s Natural & Organic Products Europe show. Here’s a report from our Research and Development Officer, Steven Jacobs:

Natural and Organic Products Europe is the only large UK trade show with such a concentration of businesses with organic product lines.

The OF&G stand with Glebe Farm in the foreground
The Grand Hall Olympia in the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is a glorious building. The size and the fact that it was built around 1886 and was first used for agricultural shows are all interesting facts but the glass and steel constructed roof is just breathtaking.

The organisers say that around 8,000 people attended the show over the two days of Sunday and Monday the 10th and 11th April 2010.

The OF&G stand (number 7060) originally 16 square metres on the end of a row meant we had three open sides facing down the hall from the back. On to this space we invited seven of our licensees to join us.

Our show presence, as seen from above
It worked really well. All those present agreed that the show was busier than the previous year and we were complemented many times on the look of our stand. We shared space and offered technical support and experience of the market (and the show) so businesses who are certified with us could have a solid presence at the event without breaking the bank and everyone who came with us helped to make it a really interesting stand to visit. The buzz on stand 7060 was notable throughout the two days of the event.

Our processing team spoke with a lot of people throughout the two days with key topics being the introduction of the EU organic logo and new labelling regulations that go with it. Rebecca Rayner, of Glebe Farm, reported huge interest in her range of organic flours and wheat, wheat-free and gluten-free bread mixes and cake mixes, and left with around 50 leads.

Many visitors to the stand were also pleased to see our display of a variety of licensees’ products.

As the coordinator I would like to thank the team at Diversified and especially the people at Earls Court and Olympia, who operate the ground staff for the event, as they were very professional and quick to help us in every way they could. I’m not just creeping, without that clear help it would have been a lot more work for us.

If you have been to the show please let me know how it was for you and if you haven’t but are interested in going to future exhibitions write to me with your thoughts (

We’ve also uploaded a new Flickr set of the pictures Steve took at the show. Feel free to have a browse through.