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No arguing with organic milk results

Date Published: 26/01/2011

For once we seem to have received some excellent research results on organic food without everyone trying to cynically rip them apart!

Organic milk - it IS better for you
Excellent research results for organic milk confirm what many have long suspected...

It would have been hard to miss the results of a University of Newcastle study, which has been widely reported, showing that organic milk shows consistently higher levels of good fatty acids and less saturated fat.

The research (view the PDF new release here), by Gillian Butler, of the university’s Nafferton Ecological Farming Group, is peer reviewed and backs up indications that were found a few years ago in less detailed studies. And as well as these headline benefits, the study revealed that while non-organic milk quality can vary tremendously depending upon the weather (i.e. good or bad summer), organic milk production gives consistent quality.

This news has been widely reported across the mainstream media without any widespread attempt at debunking this time. Our quick search of Google News reveals 83 sources of the story, and a sampling of those results suggests they seem to be pretty much reporting it straight, which makes a nice change where certain outlets are concerned…

About four years ago, when the first indications of the benefits of organic milk were revealed, the Food Standards Agency felt the need to pour cold water on the whole affair by suggesting that the extra fatty acids in organic milk were not the best kind. The FSA seems to have been somewhat quieter this time around…