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NFU and OF&G team up to offer discounted certification

Date Published: 16/10/2013

Organic members of the NFU can now save money on their certification scheme thanks to a partnership formed with leading organic control body Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G).

The deal offers a 20% discount for existing organic NFU members who take up OF&G certification for the first time.

Fully accredited with UKAS to EN45011 – the guideline for certifying bodies – OF&G was the first body to have been approved by the government to carry out organic food and farming inspection and certification, more than 20 years ago.

The company certifies around 200,000 hectares of organic or in-conversion land, as well as hundreds of food processing and other organic enterprises under license in the UK.

Richard Jacobs, the Chief Executive of OF&G, said: “We have always enjoyed a very good relationship with the NFU and we’re happy that we’ve now been able to work together to create this offer.

“It will lower the costs of certification, which we are always striving to do, bringing another benefit to NFU members who make the move to OF&G and has the potential to be extended to those who are already with both us and the NFU, possibly in the form of future renewal discounts.

“OF&G has earned a solid reputation across the food and farming sector for offering a friendly, practical and above all professional service while rigorously upholding the integrity of the organic standards. We look forward to being able to demonstrate that to any NFU organic farmer members who take up this opportunity.”

NFU Vice President Adam Quinney said: “We’ve worked closely with OF&G over the years on a number of legislative and regulatory issues and I’m delighted that we’re now able to take this close collaboration one step further and offer an exclusive discount on certification fees for those who move to OF&G.

“In adding to an already impressive range of member services and benefits, this deal further demonstrates our commitment to working with key industry stakeholders to ensure farmers and growers in England and Wales have the support they need.

“It’s probably not well known, but at least 2,000 NFU members have an interest in organic production with the NFU Organics Group providing them effective representation.”

Production and sale of organic produce is legally protected with inspection and certification a requirement across the EU. OF&G offers this alongside combined organic inspections with other key certification programmes, including BRC, FABBL, FABBL Crop, Assured Produce, and Assured British Pigs among others.


What’s the offer?

If you are an organic farmer member of the NFU not yet with OF&G:
• 20% discount on 1st year annual certification cost when transferring certification to OF&G, saving between £88 and £175 depending on the land area certified.

How do I sign up?

Ring NFU CallFirst on 0870 845 8458. You will be transferred to OF&G to discuss requirements and get a quote.