UK Organic ask Michael Gove to have confidence in organic food and farming to deliver economic and public goods for all


OF&G in partnership with organisations across the organic sector are urging government to recognise the significant opportunity to expand the UK’s organic food and farming sectors post-Brexit. In a letter to Defra minister Michael Gove, OF&G — along with other members of the English Organic Forum (EOF) — said organic production offered huge potential to […]

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OF&G says Defra insight is welcome but needs clarity


    The launch of Defra’s consultation on the future of food and farming is a welcome insight into the government’s ambitions for UK agriculture, but requires significant clarity on how those goals will be achieved, says OF&G. Roger Kerr, OF&G chief executive, said: “After a number of high level speeches by Defra Secretary Michael […]

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An organic systems approach to the provision of public goods


This paper presents how a cyclical and regenerative systems approach to farming and land use can provide key environmental (and other) public goods and form a critical component in delivering a post-Brexit agriculture policy aligned to Defra’s priorities to secure a healthy natural environment; a sustainable, low-carbon economy; a thriving farming sector and a sustainable, […]

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Organic farming offers the benefits Defra are looking for


Farm minister, Michael Gove is correct when he says that we need to ensure sustainable food production not just for today or tomorrow but for many future generations. Mr Gove was speaking at the Oxford Farming Conference and the Oxford Real Farming Conferences both held in the city this week. He went on to say […]

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Pig and Poultry feed derogation extended…


In response to industry calls for legal certainty for the organic poultry and pig sector, the European Union Commission has taken the necessary steps to adopt an implementing regulation that extends a referred derogation until 31 December 2018. As we reported in September the organic feed derogation for organic pigs and poultry was due to expire at the end of this year. […]

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OPINION: What will US hydroponics ruling mean for UK organics?


An unexpected decision to certify hydroponic systems as organic in the United States could have implications for UK organic in a post-Brexit world, says Alan Schofield, Organic Growers Alliance chairman. The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) advisory body, The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) held its autumn meeting in Jacksonville, Florida on 31 October – […]

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