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New practical weed control manual

Date Published: 26/04/2006

“Practical Weed Control in arable and outdoor vegetable cultivation without chemicals” is a new manual on weed control in arable and vegetable crops full of useful information and tips on weeding.

It is intended to be a guide for organic farmers and growers who need to control weeds without the use of chemicals but will also be useful for conventional farmers wishing to use less chemicals.

Originally produced by the Applied Plant Research group at Wageningen University in Holland the manual has been translated with the help of the HDRA Organic Weed Management Team.

It contains 77 pages with over 100 colour photos and illustrations and has been produced as a handy ring bound book with plastic pages and tabs for easy reference – ideal for practical farm use.

The manual contains a wealth of information on the practical aspects of weed management.

The manual is divided into four sections; prevention, weeds, crops and machinery. The section on preventing weeds includes information on the use of rotations, false seedbeds, sowing and planting methods as well as the use of mulches and intercropping for weed suppression.

The types of weeds farmers and growers are likely to find, how they spread and a summary of the damage they are likely to cause if left to grow is outlined in the section on weeds which is followed by advice on making weeding decisions in specific crops and crop types including guidance on which machinery can be used at what stage of crop or weed growth.

The final section on farm machinery gives a detailed overview of the mode of action and practical use of a range of weeding machinery including harrows, flame weeders, finger weeders and brush weeders amongst other equipment.

The manual can be ordered directly from HDRA at a cost of £15 (which includes postage and packing).

Contact Gareth Davies at HDRA, Garden Organic Ryton, Coventry, CV8 3LG by phone (024 76 30 8200) or email (

Further details, including a flyer, are available on