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New guide to organic in the Northwest

Date Published: 20/08/2008

The team at the Northwest Organic Centre have pulled out all the stops to produce a very nice little guide to organic products and services in their area, namely Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside. It’s agnostic in terms of certification bodies and you’ll find plenty of UK2 entries in there – should you have a preference…

Here’s the news release the Centre put out:

You are probably already buying more food which has been grown nearer to where you live. It can be fresher, healthier and more nutritious than produce which has been in cold storage for days and transported hundreds of miles to large retail outlets.

If you are also wanting to have the extra reassurance of your food being organic then all the information you need is included in the new, updated version of the Local and Organic Directory, produced by the Northwest Organic Centre.

As well as including entries from the old familiar favourites there are plenty of new kids on the block in the world of organic retailing.

The free guide is chock full of useful information about what organic production actually means, how to tell if a product is genuinely organic and how to get the best value for money when buying organic produce.

The booklet is split up into sections covering the Northwest region; so whether you live in Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire or Merseyside, you will be able to find your nearest organic retail outlets, farms to visit, cafes, vegetable box schemes, accommodation and even mail order companies- supplying everything from beauty products to baby food.

Don’t miss out! Get a copy of your free Local and Organic directory by calling the Northwest Organic Centre on 01995 642206, or e-mail;