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New flat fees for farmers and streamlined applications

Date Published: 24/07/2008

Organic Farmers & Growers is delighted to announce a new flat introductory fee for farmers, along with a massively streamlined application process for all new licensees.

From the start of July application costs for all new farms have been fixed at £354 for the first payment and £425 for the second year.

The new prices are regardless of farm size, and will see a cost reduction for all but the very smallest operations. Fees for processing clients have also been fixed, with a new lower bracket added to the price scale for operations with a turnover up to £50,000.

In addition the process of applying for certification with OF&G has been hugely simplified, with the initial application form cut down to just one side of A4.

OF&G Chief Executive, Richard Jacobs, explained: “In order to be thorough we have always required a lot of up-front information just to get the application process underway. We have reviewed this now, taking into account licensee feedback, and have worked hard to cut the application form down to only the necessities – the basic information we need to get an applicant on the road to certification.

“We’re confident that this will present a straightforward entry into certification with OF&G and sets the right tone, because we want people to understand the message that going organic doesn’t have to mean being buried in red tape and paperwork!”

The two fixed initial payments under the new flat rate fee structure cover the first 22 months of certification, as the initial payment is actually for 10 months, allowing OF&G to get the timing right for an inspection to be carried out before the farm completes conversion.