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New face for animal health and welfare compendium

Date Published: 21/01/2009

Organic animal welfare compendium screen grabFor a number of years now farmers, vets and advisors have had access to the Compendium of Animal Health & Welfare in Organic Farming. Well now this very useful resource has got a new online face (by ‘new’ I have to say it looks like something one would have designed in their bedroom sometime around 1997 – but hey, this isn’t a beauty parade).

The Compendium is a collaboration led by Duchy College, Cornwall with VEERU at The University of Reading and The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Glasgow. Here’s how they describe it themselves:

Funded by Defra, this compendium of animal health and welfare information relevant to organic livestock production brings together appropriate material from a wide range of recent research and advisory sources, summarised into easily accessible parts for the benefit of farmers, veterinarians and organic advisors. The compendium is an updated version of an original first published in 2000. This version was completed in December 2007.

It well worth a look for anyone who wants or needs animal welfare information. In particular we find that a lot of vets are not up-to-speed with modern organic practice, so it’s particularly recommended to them.

Take a look at the Compendium at