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New EU organic logo – it’s official

Date Published: 31/03/2010

We finally have the official, ready-to-use version of the new EU organic logo!


The winning design for the EU organic logo
The EU organic logo

We’ve been waiting a while and many of our licensees have been on tenterhooks for this, because for new products it needs to be in use by July and that doesn’t leave a lot of lead time.


This morning the EU website has been updated with downloadable versions of the logo and a style guide for its use and you can grab everything you need from here:

We were promised we’d have this by the end of this month so, by a hair’s breadth, they have delivered!

It’s still going to mean something of a rush for some operators to get labels designed, approved, printed, distributed, etc. But at least now they can move forward.

Our processing team are currently digesting the detail of the usage guidelines so that they can help with any queries that arise. There are bound to be some.

We also learn today that our identifier code (originally ‘Organic Certification UK2’, then ‘GB Organic Certification 2’) has now been changed again to ‘GB-ORG-02’. Just like that. No more, no less. New logos will be produced shortly for licensee use to update their own materials.

It’s been a long road, but we’re getting there!