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New EU organic logo competition announced [updated]

Date Published: 08/04/2009

So finally details are emerging of the long-promised competition for students to design what will be the new, mandatory, EU-wide organic logo.

EU organic logo competition websiteYou may recall that they had one of these last year – until someone noticed it looked too much like the Aldi trademarked organic logo. Whoops. So, back to the drawing board. Literally.

Technically, whatever the new logo is going to look like, it comes into force from July 2010, so they need to crack on with this. There’s a sparkly new website announcing the competition – although no-one can register yet, which seems like a huge missed opportunity. How many visitors to the site will remember to return later???

Anyway, if you know of a keen art/design/media student who would like to be able to walk around for the next few years saying “I did that” whenever they see packaging with the EU organic logo on, let them know – but only if they’re any good; we’ve all got to live with this!

[UPDATE: Our never-to-be-fobbed-off Development Officer, Steven, contacted those running the competition to find out when people might actually be able to register. The answer was a kind of vague “next week”. Great to see the usual levels of efficiency our European contributions are funding. That’s all.]