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National Organic Cereals 2011 – the video

Date Published: 12/01/2011

Our annual National Organic Cereals event is quite a big deal for OF&G. It takes months of planning and preparation to ensure as close to perfect execution as we can achieve.

We’re not a huge organisation with endless resources; everything we do has to be achieved with the hard work and talents of the people we’ve got. Fortunately, we’ve got great people!

With National Organic Cereals 2010 complete (and, based on feedback, a resounding success) thoughts immediately turned to the 2011 event. We needed to find a host farm ASAP, then get the trial planting organised with our partners within the timeframes that nature dictates.

Well, we did that bit and, for the first time, we’ve managed to make a short video of the trial drilling actually happening, which we present below for your viewing pleasure. We hope to be able to record further updates as the big day (July 7, in case you were wondering) approaches, so watch this space. It would be great to have your feedback on the video. We know it’s not exactly a Steven Spielberg production, but we’re proud of it…