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Must. Learn. To. Ignore. This. Stuff!

Date Published: 24/02/2011

[While you’re reading this try, for effect, to imagine the author sighing at the end of every sentence. Concentrate hard on this task and you will feel the sigh in said author’s very demeanor, over and above the audible version…]

It’s official then. Organic food is ‘not as good for your health’.

It says so in the Daily Mail, so it must be true and the statement must be based on the deepest of empirical data, backed up by deeply questioning, substantive journalism.

Or……. it could be based on Which? Gardening magazine and some grow bags. In an allotment.

We could have simply ignored this piece for the fluff it is and the skewed, agenda-led tosh it represents, but we’re pretty sure (as we’ve said before) we have an informed, intelligent audience for this blog who understand the many requirements of fair and balanced research, not to mention the myriad benefits of organic food that aren’t related purely to nutrition. You’ll make up your own minds. Added to which, simply reading the piece to the end highlights all of the reasons why the premise of the article is rubbish.

As for this being a “severe blow to the industry’s reputation”? Hmm. Right.

Oh, and one other teensy-weensy, hardly-worth-mentioning, point: THE ORGANIC REGULATIONS in the UK, at least) DO NOT ALLOW THE USE OF GROWBAGS. Anything that wants to be classed as organic must be grown in living soil, in the ground – unlike the tomatoes in this ‘research’. Just saying. [Sigh]