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Looking ahead to 2011

Date Published: 06/01/2011

We’re not fortune tellers, obviously, but at this time of year we quite often get asked to gaze into our imaginary crystal ball and predict what the coming 12 months might look like for the organic sector.

Just like all predictions, this has to be based on the best available indicators. In our case these would be market reports, trends we have observed in certification and feedback we get from our licensees.

When we pull all of that together, add a sprinkle of many years of experience of the sector and its ups and downs from our CEO, Richard Jacobs, and we’re all set to offer an informed opinion.

So… you can find out our thoughts from your choice of the following links. The first is an interview Richard did with BBC Shropshire this morning (which will be accessible as long as the programme stays on the iPlayer – seven days, at a guess) and the second is a brief overview we provided to Farmers Weekly. Enjoy.

BBC Radio Shropshire Breakfast Show, 6/1/11, listen from 1:48.20 (audio)

Farmers Weekly preview of 2011 (also available as an extended feature in the December 31 print edition)