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Licensee Questionnaire Feedback 2017

Date Published: 24/03/2017

Organic certification

In our January 2017 newsletter we sent out a questionnaire to find out how the businesses we provide organic certification to feel we are responding to their business needs and the level of service we provide. Our thanks go to everyone who responded and for all the comments and thoughts we received.

93% of those who responded rated the overall satisfaction with the service we provide as good or excellent which we are really pleased about.

90% felt that we had either a good or excellent understanding of their business needs which again we are really pleased about.

There were comments on the number of forms and the amount of paperwork the inspection and certification seems to generate and while we are accredited by UKAS so have to clearly demonstrate that our licensees are compliant with the regulation. We will however look to see whether we can amalgamate or simplify some forms and how we can develop options for completing more details on-line during 2017.