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Licensee poaching: a new sport?

Date Published: 06/02/2009

A funny (as in ‘ha ha’) thing happened this week. It followed the appearance on BBC Breakfast and Five Live on Saturday of our top dog, CEO Richard Jacobs.

Today's News, Feb 2 09Part of the package used by the telly folk included footage and an interview of OF&G farmer licensee, Noel Marsh. Mr Marsh came across really well, making sensible points and nicely illustrating the story. Which is probably why, in it’s daily Today’s News roundup, the Soil Association decided he must be one of theirs! Click on the thumbnail to read the piece.

Funnily enough, though SA’s own Peter Melchett is mentioned for his few seconds of interview, there’s no reference to Richard’s two lengthy live interviews in the studio… Surely just an oversight…

Anyway, fair play to the SA press machine, who corrected the matter with good grace in the next day’s edition:

‘Rising organic feed costs’ story [Today’s News – 2 Jan 2009]
Noel Marsh who was interviewed on BBC Breakfast News is registered with Organic Farmers & Growers, not the Soil Association.
Richard Jacobs, chief executive of OF&G, was also interviewed for the news feature.

On a more serious note, the piece was about the tricky issues of what measures might be possible or acceptable to alleviate serious cost pressure on organic livestock farmers. Everyone who contributed to the coverage on Breakfast did a superb job of explaining it, including Peter Melchett, Noel Marsh, Richard Jacobs and the brilliantly feisty Renee Elliot, founder of Planet Organic. Well done all!