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Ladies and gentlemen – I give you, THE Jumper

Date Published: 14/01/2010

The moment so many have awaited for so long has arrived. The Farmers Weekly tractor knitting pattern jumper is complete. It has been united with Certification Manager, Steve, who won the pattern in the first place with some appalling gags, and the pictures are below.

You’re probably reading this part of the post on your second scan of the page because you just couldn’t stop yourself from scrolling down immediately to see the pictures as soon as humanly possible.

So now you’re back with us, there are some credits to roll. Not least of them is multi-skilled Certification Officer, Katie Owens, who turned a concept into reality. While Steve probably though the limit of his obligations would be posing with the pattern itself, it was Katie who made his heart sink with the phrase: “If you get me the wool, I’ll knit it.” So, obviously, we pulled out all the stops to get the wool.

And on that note there must be a plug for the lovely Juliet Morris, of Ystrad Traditional Organics, who matched us up with some of her very fine organic wool. I’m no expert, but I can tell you that the jumper feels great!

And here, at last, it is:


Farmers Weekly tractor knitting pattern jumper
The Farmers Weekly tractor knitting pattern jumper, as modeled by Steve while being tested for its thermal properties!

Yes, we made him stand outside. Well, that’s what it’s for, surely?


The jumper in close-up, so we can all admire the detail of Katie's handiwork.

And despite her protestations, the hero of the day, with her triumphant creation:


The jumper with its creator, Katie Owens.

So, does this bring us to a conclusion? Is the jumper saga at an end? Maybe. But then, maybe not…