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It’s time for organic wine

Date Published: 30/03/2012

There may have been some popping of corks in organic vineyards across the EU with the announcement that they can now create a product actually called ‘organic wine’.

Bring on the truly organic wines...

Eagle-eyed people looking for a certified product before now might have noticed that the only reference on the label was that the wine was ‘made from organically certified grapes’. That’s nice to know, but it sounds like the fudge it was and doesn’t instill confidence that you could say the product was truly organic.

Now though, the powers that be in Europe have finally agreed a working standard that allows a qualifying product to be called organic – and to mean it!

While the distinction between what went before and what will now be allowed is largely technical, it has to be a boon for the vineyards that they can join the line-up of clearly-labelled organic products, taking away any confusion from the mind of the end customer.

Of course we don’t produce anything like the quantity of wine in this country that comes from the Continent and, of that we do make, a very small percentage will be organic. But it’s good for the sector generally that this staple in many households’ weekly shop is now in the fold and the removal of any doubt or confusion with regard to labelling is always a step forward.

For the detail of what has actually been allowed, Richard Hemming has given a good precis of it here, in a post for the site.

It’s worth noting that the complete details of the regulation have not yet filtered through control bodies such as ourselves from Defra, so we can’t quite dot the i’s and cross the t’s yet, but the agreement has been broadly welcomed and the new standard can be applied to wines produced from the 2012 harvest.

Bottom’s up!