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It’s that time of year

Date Published: 23/12/2008

Well, first things first; Merry Christmas to our licensees, associates and any generally interested readers who find their way on to this blog.

The reference in the title to this post is, unfortunately, as much about bemoaning the fact that when the news cycle goes quiet organics seems to come in for a bashing, as it is about celebrating the time of year.

We’ve spent the last two days patiently explaining to many, many enquiring journalists that the story they have all been jumping on was based on some horrible innaccuracies which claimed we all wanted to “bend the rules” for organic farmers. What’s disappointing is that it could all have been avoided if the originating journalist had used that most basic of reporting skills, known widely as ‘checking the facts’. A call to ourselves, Soil Association Certification or any number of other bodies would have set the record straight.

This, tied to the current economic climate which is causing a degree of gloom, doesn’t make for a very festive feeling in many quarters.

However, we’re still smiling here in the office. Various Christmas munchies have been provided by members of the team and are making the kitchen a very tempting place to visit.

As we look forward to next year it’s clear there are going to be challenges. Everyone who produces and sells anything, pretty much, is feeling the crunch now and we should not expect organics to be an exception. Our challenge is to continue¬† educating our customers that what they pay for organic food is the real price of sustainable production.

We also have to work hard to hold the line and ensure the integrity of organic food is not damaged – not even the perception of it. Shenanigans like those perpetrated by The Times this week don’t help, obviously. We think we know who was driving that, feeding the paper self-serving misinformation, so we can live and learn.

Here’s hoping we can all switch off for a few days, enjoy our organic turkey and a mince pie or two and come back to the fray refreshed in the New Year. It’s not going to be plain sailing in 2009, but really, is it ever in this game?

Have a good one…