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It could be time to dust off granny’s recipes

Date Published: 14/06/2012

You might be amazed at how many requests we get from TV companies wanting us to promote their latest search for victims participants to slot into wacky ‘reality’ programme concepts.

We don’t bother you with most of them because they can often involve an attempt to track down a very specific type of person who has no compunction about doing daft things on national television and, frankly, if we don’t think there might be a genuine benefit for our licensees we don’t waste their time.

Today we had a call from a pleasant lady at the production company behind Simon Cowell’s new idea (try not to let that put you off just yet…) to search for the nation’s best-loved recipe. The project is called ‘Food.glorious.Food’. Now, this is something that we would expect to be close to the hearts of the people we serve who, by definition, care about the quality of food.

How good would it be for a passionate exponent of great organic ingredients to step forward with a recipe that has served  (in every sense) their family well for decades? By now hopefully some of you have that specially-formulated cottage pie springing to mind, the secret ingredient to which has been passed from generation to generation – or something like that…

If you have a such a dish lurking in your repertoire and you fancy putting it up against contenders from across the land, this could be for you. It’s worth noting that the winning dish will go on to be mass-produced and sold on the shelves of Marks & Spencer, so if your culinary arts really are closely guarded, this may not be for you.

There’s a rapidly-approaching closing date for applications, so you’ll need to get your skates on, but all of the information you need is below (click on the image to see it full size and read the smaller print).

And if any of our licensees or other readers of this blog should make any progress in this search for gastronomic greatness, we’d love to hear about it.

Details for Food Glorious Food